September 4, 2008

Questing GM Ready to Roll Initiative!

Welcome back to the blog!

As you can see I've changed the overall layout and have added labels to some of my posts which follows the RPG Bloggers categories. Hopefully this will make it easier for my readers to read my past (which you can search through the new archive) and future posts. What'd ya think?

The Flumph Sanctuary has hosted the 2nd RPG Blog Carnival and I'm eager to stick my thumb into the Homebrew pie. Since he has not mentioned a blog post limit and the scope on the subject, my plan is to dedicate this month's blog posts to my ideas and thoughts about homebrew.

Of course, I won't be missing my regualr column, Word of Wizards, which will be updated tomorrow!

Now it's time to pick up some dice and roll initiative.


Admin said...

this layout looks kinda nice.

Jonathan Jacobs said...

nice to see yet another entry on its way into the RPG Blog Carnival #2! Here's a link back to the summary for round #1 (in case people don't know wtf a blog carnival is). And thanks for the addition to your blog roll!!

Dave The Game said...

Welcome back!

Questing GM said...

Julian Sabah,

I see you are starting your Tiny Adventures?

Hey Jonathan, good to see you again!

I really wanted to hop in your 1st carnival but it wasn't too sure what I should write and whether I would have fitted in one post.

Thanks, dave the game! You the man!