September 26, 2008

Word of Wizards - 26/9/2008

It's another quiet week from Wizards. Most of the updates have only been from Dragon so let's just get this over with.

1. Digital Insider #8: Feedback

Randy Buehler reiterates what has already been said in the podcast of why the playtest barbarian has been shifted to October BUT in this week's address he says that it will still be available for free right before they start charging!

Yes, that's right. The playtest barbarian will still be available for free!

Also I mentioned last week that there will be a beta test for the Character Builder. It is now said that the beta test will be first opened to subscribers of DDI then to specific playtesters and finally opened to the public.

For those of us still playing Tiny Adventures on Facebook, apparently some upgrades has been made and I believe they have also solved their server overloading problem. He also confirms that this tiny adventures is more of a major marketing campaign to live the hype of D&D.

He would also like to get some feedback about the magazines and the layout of the website. So make your way to the forum to give him your answers. Or if you are a blogger, maybe he'll read your answers like The Core Mechanics.

2. Brian Thomsen

You probably read about his recent death at The Dwarf and Basilisk. Wizards has sent their condolences to his family and recollect some his works.

3. Playing Gnolls

They seem to be getting quite a loving ever since the Yeenoghu article in a previous issue. So now's the chance to play as these mean and vicious bastards.

With this coming in and the barbarian coming next month, one of my players is going to be really happy.

4. FR Goodness
This month's Dragon issue is really all about the Realms so be sure check out the latest articles for this week.

Epic Faerun
Realmslore: Hall of the Frostmaiden

And here's some extra goodies.

Forgotten Realms Wallpaper

Well, there goes another week. So hope something comes up next week!


Jonathan Jacobs said...

Thanks for the linkback QDM! Its amazing how many people have both commented on my post (17 comments) and replied in the official forums (116 posts!). I'm more surprised at the response to my post... people actually _read_ my blog - wohoo! =D have a good weekend! see you around the nets'

Questing GM said...

No problem, Jonathan!

Great to hear so much feedback going on. Hopefully Randy will read yours too!

Did you try to post a link at the forum? That'll get 'im.