April 20, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: MM2 Giants

Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: - Giants

Today is a special double monster excerpt which shows the 4E-fied version of the Frost and Stone giants that will return in the Monster Manual 2.

The Frost Giant is a Level 17 Brute that have resistance against cold 15 and can travel on ice very quickly. Their Icebound Footing also makes them very stable on ice which reduces the number of squares of forced movement by 2 and they can make a saving throw to keep them from being knocked prone.

In combat, they wield an Icy Greataxe (standard; at-will) with a reach 2 that deals 4d6+7 cold damage. For ranged attacks, they prefer throwing an Icy Handaxe (standard; at-will) that deals 2d8+7 cold damage.

To make their opponents more prone to their frost weapons, they use a Chilling Strike (standard; recharge 5,6) that only deals 2d6+7 damage but makes the target gain vulnerable 10 to cold.

A Frost giant fights viciously to the death, even with they die they make a Dying Swipe (when the Frost giant drops to 0 hitpoints) with their Icy Greataxe.

A Stone Giant is a Level 14 Soldier that is immune to petrification and has Stone Bones (immediate interrupt; when the Stone Giant is hit by an attack, not usable when bloodied; at-will) that grants resistance 5 against any attack.

Stone giants Hurl Rock (standard; at-will) at distance targets or when they are playing their dangerous rock throwing games at each other on thunderous nights. These thrown rocks deal 2d8+6 damage to any target that is hit.

In close combat, stone giants use a Stone Greatclub (standard; at-will) to deal 2d10+4 damage against a target within reach 2 and marks the target until the end of the giant's next turn. Once marked, opponents are placed under a Hardened Threat (opportunity, when a creature marked by the stone giant and within its reach moves or shifts; at-will) by another Stone Greatclub attack if it attempts to disengage from the giant.

A stone giant is most dangerous when it uses its Staggering Sweep (standard; recharges when first bloodied) that is used to press on nearby enemies. Any enemy that is hit within close burst 2 takes 2d10+4 damage, is pushed 2 squares and are marked until the end of the giant's next turn. After making this sweep, the giant is able to shift 2 squares but must still be within 2 squares of any marked enemy.

Not much has changed, flavorwise, for these giants and still maintained the recognizable hallmarks that identify these giants from previous editions. They are still quite challenging monsters to spring onto your paragon tiered players and I have a feeling that's not all the giants that we will see returning to the Monster Manual 2. I would also be expecting to see arcane version of both these giants which could add an interesting control element when the players are facing them.

What do you think about these giants?

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