May 15, 2009

Word of Wizards - WWDDGD: UK/Reading

WWDDGD: UK/Reading
This is for my British readers (if there are any, please say 'hi' in the comment box). If you are somewhere near Reading and somehow missed this piece of great news, then you are in luck for reading this.

Newly named D&D lead developer, Stephen Schubert
will be making an appearance in Eclectic Games for the May 23 World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day in conjunction with the release of the Monster Manual 2. While he's there, you can get him to sign books and ask him a few questions. Eclectic Games, which has been selected to be the headquarters for WWDDGD in England, is also planning to hold seminars, run side games and delves and a generally awesome day of gaming for British fans. They are also door prizes and other giveaways to be won during this event, so it's definitely worth dropping by.

More information will be posted up as soon as they get them so check up on their site, their Facebook or this thread.

If you are in Britain but can't make it for this event then don't fret. It's not the only store that is participating in WWDDGD. Wizards has released the complete list of participating game stores all across England, so check it here to find your nearest one and prepare yourself for the Journey Through the Silver Caves with any of these 5th level pre-gen characters from here.

Uthal, Goliath Barbarian
Althaea, Eladrin Wizard
Arjhana, Dragonborn Rogue
Chance, Tiefling Warlord
Eomer, Dwarf Paladin


Pyrahmancy said...


I'm from Britain

Questing GM said...

Hey Pyrahmancy,

Welcome to the blog. It's good to hear from someone in Britain.

Are you somewhere near Reading? Will you be attending this event?