July 8, 2008

Good advice for starting 4E

4E has been out for a month now and while I haven't get the chance to really play (read; DM) yet, I'm sure the new system is going to attract alot of new players. As I reach back to my hometown during my semester break from uni, I was surprised and delighted to find out that a few people I knew had bought a copy of the PHB!

And these are people who had never played or just had a few sessions with me back in the 3.5 days!

Despite any misgivings that I have heard about 4E compared to previous editions, it doesn't matter to new players. If you have new players who are excited about the game, why let personal and jaded experience ruin the fun?

We don't get alot of players from around this part of the world and these early signs are one that needs to be captured. So introducing the game is crucial in creating a fun, memorable experience that will make new players come back for more.

While the advice given below is particularly useful to DMs like me who are constantly going to introduce the game to mostly first timers, it can still apply to many DMs running the game for the first time and it is a good foundation for running enjoyable regular gaming sessions.

Teaching Role Playing Games to New Players

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