August 10, 2008

The Arcana Wiki

Running out of ideas? Need some real-world inspiration?

Check out The Arcana Wiki! It's a wiki developed to gather all sorts of real world history, events, places, myths, religion, people, tropes etc. that can be used for gaming purposes.

What's neat about this wiki as compared to wikipedia, is that it has a special section under each entry on gaming implications and on how to use them as ideas.

The wiki is systemless so it basically gives you generic ideas that can adapted from fantasy to sci-fi games. This is particularly useful for a Dark Matter game.

The site is gradually expanding and is taking in a lot of support from anyone who has something interesting to share. It's a cool resource in the making.


Geek Gazette said...

Awesome find. I will definitely be looking at this.

Questing GM said...


I forgot to mention that there is a contest going at the Wiki, you could check it out at their site.

jhubert said...

Thanks for plugging my latest pet project! ;)

Questing GM said...

Hey, jhubert! Welcome to the blog!

I was trying to reach you at ENWorld but I couldn't find the thread, and didn't know if I should have started a thread at the Social Group to let you know about the plug.

You're doing a good thing here. Keep up the good work!