August 28, 2008

D&D in 1985

Being born far away from the land where D&D began, I was surely not under the influence of fearul parents who were afraid that their son was becoming a devil worshipper or prone to domestic violence and suicide.

Instead, playing D&D back in primary and secondary school did make me a little like the cool kid because I was really doing different things from the rest of my schoolmates. Rolling strange dices, reading strange books, playing a strange game and telling strange stories to not-so strange people.

Ok, that sounded kind of strange.

But if I was born a little earlier and in the United States, this sort of thing would get me on television!

Thanks to The Escapist (no, it's not the same magazine where Zero Punctuation is) to let me imagine what it was probably like.

Part 1

You should read what happened to these people ever since the broadcast.
1. Pat Pulling went on to become a "consultant for Satanic crimes investigation" across the country (do a Google search for Michael Stackpole's "Pulling Report" for details), and died of cancer in 1997. By then, her BADD group had dwindled down to just her as it's sole member.

2. Gary Gygax was later removed as head of TSR Inc. by Lorraine Dille Williams, granddaughter of the "Buck Rogers" franchise owner, and died in 2008 of heart failure.

3. Dieter Sturm left TSR Inc., is very much alive, and became an Oscar-winning FX artist.

4. Dr. Thomas Radecki. Well.......

Stick around for the CBS News segment on him (from 1995) I added on at the end of this video. The p'wnage is truly epic.

Part 2

It's really stranger than it looks.

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Kellri said...

Come on over to the Knights & knaves Alehouse for the original thread that got this discussion going. I've got a bunch of videos- most are funny save for the 60 minutes descent into darkness. I'd be most interested in hearing from any other gamers who had a similar experience to mine. -Kellri