August 8, 2008

Welcome to The RPG Bloggers Network

Welcome to the RPG Bloggers Network!

By now I should apologise and be ashamed of myself for delaying this well-deserved plug, but life's been catching on and it is ironic that I've finally found the time to blog when I'm down with an illness, kof kof!

There's been so much happening here as well, and I'm currently trying to organise things around here to put them into words (you'll be surprised how much can change in just a couple of days). So where to begin... oh yes!

When I first read about the RPG Bloggers Network over at Musings of the Chatty DM who has been working with Critical Hits and a few other renowned bloggers from the RPG bloggersphere to start a network hub for all RPG bloggers all over the cybersea a few days ago, I thought it was too good to be true just shortly after I've began my own blogging journey...

Shortly after submitting this blog for application and getting an almost instant reply (thanks, Dave!), I'm proud to annouce that...


Although there were a few minor setbacks (which shows how fast it is truly expanding), this is a great networking opportunity for RPG bloggers and it's always interesting to read the minds(flayer) of other bloggers. If you're reading about this the first time here, you should get yours listed as soon as possible!

(and together we shall rule the world....i mean the blogsphere)

And even if you're not a RPG blogger (like the thrall under our mindcontrol), it is still a great place to check out and find hidden gems that you woulnd't be able to find on your own in the cybersea that we call the Internet.

Here, you can find the latest information and updates about the gaming industry, quirky news, insightful opinions and discussion on experiences, invitation to a carnival, reading tips and meeting people you'll never expect to meet. You name it, the RPG blogger community got it (or is going to get to it sooner or later)

(No one can defy the wisdom of the RPG Community)

Ever since I've joined this great network, my reading material has almost increased by tenfold (which means to say, my blogging material gets even less, but hey, I'm still contributing with comments!). Not only do I look through my usual forums for news and engaging discussions (which is quite a handful), but the RPG Bloggers Network is the place to be to check out on the latest posts by some of the greatest bloggers around (which makes both my hands full)! This is what I call the future frontlines of the RPG community!

With the recent death knell of Gleemax and the unfortunate setback of Wizards' Digital Initiative, this is the site where the online RPG Community should be!

(and where the REAL Elder Brain is! Ok, I'll stop with the analogies)

So a heartfelt Thank You! to the organisers of the RPG Bloggers Network! And Thank You! again for doing something so great for our RPG community!

Now I need is a banner and a list of blogrolls.

Speaking about blogs, there is no better time to start your own RPG blog! And I just have just the right way to show you where to start.


Bartoneus said...

You're welcome! Any comparison between Phil, myself, and Dave to a group of mindflayers is quite appreciated! We'll be taking donations of brains at GenCon next week!

Thanks for the excellent post, and the massive link-lovins!

Questing GM said...

Glad that you love it and best of luck to the brain collection (as long as you don't pull it out of their skulls), won't be joining you there though.

What can I say, this is a well-deserved plug for you guys!