October 10, 2008

Word of Wizards - Items of Legend

Items of Legend

Artifacts have been a staple of D&D since 1st Edition. The Dungeon Master's Guide presented several legendary items to inspire adventures or even entire campaigns. More accessible than in any previous incarnation of the game, artifacts can now make their way safely into the hands of characters even in the paragon tier, or possibly before. This article presents new artifacts to supplement those in the Dungeon Master's Guide, from the strange figurine of an ebony elephant to a helm of untold power. If used with care, they can become a fabulous source of inspiration for your game and provide one lucky character with an experience he or she will never forget.

The Broken Blades of Banatruul are definately worthy of having a whole campaign revolving around them and the illustration for it is just full of kickass (although it's the same one for the Mystic Sovereign from the Epic Faerun article).

My personal favorites are the Immortal Game and the Figurine of Tantron.

The Helm of Madman's Blood is also probably another good item to base a campaign around it.

One thing I've noticed about artifacts in 4E as compared to 3E, they don't seem to be all that powerful as they used to be. The powers that are granted when using these artifacts doesn't give me the same feeling of awesomeness that I used to get in 3E.

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