November 11, 2008

New Pathfinder Feats for Playtesting

Jason Bulmahn just put out 38 new feats for playtesting. That's right, 38!

He request that any comments and feedback on these feats should be saved until the Skills and Feats playtesting period begins which has been delayed until this Wednesday (12 Nov).

So go check out the new feats here!

I'm really liking the Critical feats. Each of these feats add an additional effect (e.g, sickened, fatigued, slowed etc.) to every critical hit which sweetens it with every score.

In other news, Erik Mona states that a reprint of the current beta rules that has been developed thus far will be 2-3 months away.

So it looks like you don't have to wait until next year's GenCon to catch a glimpse at how the rules are finalising.

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