November 21, 2008

Word of Wizards - December Editorial Calendar

December Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar for December was released early as said by Randy Buehler in this week's Digital Insider. So we get a preview of what is up for this coming month and I have to say that it looks like a good month indeed.

For non-subscribers, the whole month is almost dedicated to excerpts from Manual of the Planes, even after the book is released on the 16th. You can also expect to catch a glimplse at P2 Demon Queen's Enclave.

There is another free Scales of War support article probably for Bodrin's Watch.

The best treat is reserved for the subscribers. Next month, they are going to be able to playtest the Druid, magic items from the Adventurer's Vault 2, the Mercykiller and the Invoker; a new divine class that has been confirmed for the Player's Handbook 2. That's 2 new classes and probably 1 paragon path in one month! So if you have been planning to subscribe to DDI for some time now, next month is probably a very good month to start.

I'll most definately be looking forward to next month, even if I don't have a subscription (yet).

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