November 26, 2008

Word of Wizards - Spotlight Interview: Draconomicon

Spotlight Interview: Draconomicon

For this article, they inteviewed Bruce R. Cordell about the contents of the Draconomicon and discuss some of the design philosophies behind the book.

The interview also pointed out the directions that future draconomicons (there's a hint that metallic dragons won't be as 'benign' as they were in previous editions).

After reading this interview, I get the feeling that the whole 4E-is-about-combat would be the design focus for future monster related books. The designers seem like they want to explore each and every iconic monster as to how they can developed into a challenging opponent to the players rather than trying to fit them into the generic setting.

The reason for putting the chromatics out first was so that players could face them as a threat rather than understanding why such a threat exist.

I felt that including the dragons of fame and giving them stats was a waste of page space (despite already having a tight space constraint) and I would have preferred it if they had used the same space to provide a bit more information on how to run draconic encounters or fluff.

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