November 12, 2008

Word of Wizards - Success Along the Adventure Path

Success Along the Adventure Path

This is the second support article for anyone who is running the Scales of War Adventure Path (the first one is a Dragon feature now, I'm afraid) and gives some tips on running certain difficult areas in the first adventure; Rescue at Rivenroar.

Also, there is a list of recommendations for minis and tiles for each encounter so I guess it's useful for anyone who has access to these.

Pretty useful to have if you are planning to run the first adventure module, if only it had been out sooner but I hope we'll be seeing more of these kind of articles in the future.


Tony Law said...
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Tony Law said...

1) It's out there where players can easily see it. It should be under Dungeon magazine instead of in the "Features" section.

2) The advice it gives is pretty much common sense.

3) Over 3/4 of the article is "Here's how to use our Dungeon Tiles!" I understand they want to tie their other products in but that's not "support," that's "shilling."

Questing GM said...

Hey Tony,

1)It doesn't deserve to be in the Dungeon magazine and it's free.

2)Agreed but I guess it's helpful for first time DMs and it points out the problem areas that some DM may not realize in the adventure.

3)I've seen it common on forums that people ask for recommendations on what minis to start looking for when they want to run the adventure so I guess this is an official help list for them.

Tony Law said...

I guess I can see not putting it in Dungeon because the original adventure was free to everyone but, really, it's a lot of spoilers and I'm not comfortable with it being out where any player could find it.