December 24, 2008

Questing GM taking a Short Rest

The Questing GM is taking a short rest from his quest starting from today (24th December) until the New Year (date uncertain). This means that I won't be around to do the remainder of the Word of Wizards for this week and may only resume for the first week of January.

I've started this blog shortly before 4E was released and it has been quite a few months of blogging. I know I haven't really contributed much in terms of wonderful and exciting content for my readers so I have a few resolutions in mind. I know it might be too early when Christmas isn't over yet but I just want to set a target for myself early for next year.

So after my short rest, this is what I set out to do for this blog.

  1. Blog more content for readers to actually read about.

  2. Add some new features (I have a couple in mind) to this blog that will appear, hopefully, on a fixed schedule.

  3. Run a game and blog about it (Can you believe that I haven't?).

  4. Maybe a layout change?

Well that's it. The Questing GM would like to wish you all and my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for all your support in my quest.


Lady Water said...

faster back from vacation, can't wait to have d & d session with you =p

Questing GM said...

lol, can't wait to let you start trying.