January 25, 2009

Questing's Readings - 25/1/09

Starting from this week, I would like to introduce a new feature that will be appearing on a regular basis which is on every Sunday. I call them 'Questing's Readings'.

I know that I don't really produce content up to the right quality and quantity but there are so many articles, threads or blog post out there about RPGs that are much better written and more diverse than I could have possibly written about them.

So I would like to share the best readings that I have picked up throughout the week that I find engaging, interesting and thought provoking. These choices are based on personal preferences and are most likely influenced by what is occupying my mind for that week.

Hopefully in the future, I will do a personal compilation of the best (or available) readings on a certain topic from a list of these readings.

Without further ado, I present to you my first list of readings that I highly recommend to be digested.

Why Do We Have Such Different Experiences?.
Posters in this thread share about what factors that makes their gaming experiences even different even though they use the same rules set (3.x).

Transparency and Immersion
The OP makes a very good case of the balance between transparency and immersion. Read the OP alone even if you're not interested in following the discussion therein.

Seven Principles of Dynamic Temples
A very well thought out OP that extends on the functions of the typical fantasy temples other than just a healing station.

What Level of Detail Do You Like in Your Game?
A very interesting sharing of DMs on whether they keep track of equipment, encumberence, ammo etc. and why.

A History & Analysis of TSR’s Copyright Policies
There's a very interesting article that can be downloaded from the OP on legal matters during the TSR days.

Incredible Vehicle
Class Affinities
4E is still a relatively new game and there's still much of the mechanics that is awaiting to be discovered. Either that or I love to read about crunch talk in regards to character generation. Some of the data and figures in this analysis are very useful to make good min/maxing decisions.

The Art of the Near TPK
Race/Class Synergy in 4e: Revised Analysis
Another interesting revelation about race/class combos in 4E and comes with a table too!

Philosophy of Games
5 Things All Gamers Should Try
I agree with everything in that list and I think every gamer owe themselves to give a try at least once.

epic preparation - must-reads
This is a compiled list of great posts by other bloggers on the subject of adventure preparation, character deaths, villains, DM mistakes as a prelude to what will be an interesting series on epic campaigns.

Bard of Valiant
Game Masters and Leadership Skills: Part 1
Games Masters and Leadership Skills: Part 2
This series makes an interesting connection between GM and leadership qualities. It examies the different leadership ability of the GM and how it affects the game and players. The series isn't over yet so I'll be watching it for further installments.

Gaming Brouhaha
Things you must read - a follow up
An interesting list of good reads and don't forget to check back the previous list.

RPG Publishers & Keeping Their Release Schedules
The comments in this posts are pretty insightful about how products are released and why they are sometimes not on schedule.

Roleplaying Pro
What Do Gamers Want From Gaming Blogs?
Some very good observations for a young blog that is sure to be helpful to other bloggers (like myself) to improve on their content and how to catch a good traffic.


TheLemming said...

Thanks for the feature in the article, I hope the whole series will be to your liking and useful (the latter is more important).

Greetings from Austria,

Questing GM said...

You're welcome, Markus!

I'll be eager to see your series once you start posting them up!