January 27, 2009

Word of Wizards - Character Builder Goes Live!

There's no official annoucement yet but according to sources from the Wizards forum, the full version of the Character Builder can now be downloaded at the Character Builder page.

Although the page hasn't change and still indicates that the Character Builder is in beta but the smaller wordings and the download link is for the full version of the Builder.

Subscribers will require their email address that they submitted for their accounts to access the Builder as their User ID. The Builder will be provided with new content each month but would need to use the update feature.

Each update does not require the subscriber to reinstall the builder but there is a limit to how many times the subscriber can install the builder.

Each month, subscribers are only limited to install the Builder for 5 times but the limit will reset after every update. Any special case that requires an extra installation will have to go through Wizards' Customer Service department.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I have been tinkering around with characters all morning . . . so much for work.

Questing GM said...

Your welcome, thelastrogue.

I hope everything's running alright for you so far. I've heard quite a number of complaints and bugs already about the Builder.

Btw, you've got a nice blog.

Anonymous said...


To be truthful, I did have a slight struggle getting the C.Builder to update. Ultimately, I uninstalled the beta and all associated files, then downloaded it from WotC again . . .and it worked.