January 16, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Demilich

Open Grave Excerpts: Demilich

Today's excerpt gives us the crunchy stats of the demilich.

This tiny Level 20 Solo Artillery is one mean litle monster that has a Intruding Terror aura which grants a -2 to attack rolls to enemies within the aura 2 and has fly 12 (hover).

For ranged attacks, the demilich rains down a deadly barrage. It can make 2 Shadow Ray (standard; at-will) attacks that deals 3d6+8 necrotic damage with Twin Rays (standard; at-will) followed by its Obsidian Eye (minor; at-will) that deals 10 ongoing necrotic damage (save ends). This makes it effectively able to make 3 attacks in a single round.

When in close range, the demilich can Drain Soul (standard; at-will) which is the first equivalent of a save or die effect in 4E after being dazed, stunned and restrained. It is made worse by every time an enemy makes a failed save against Drain Soul, the demilich would use Soul Shrivelling Pulse (immediate reaction; at-will) which deals 3d6+5 necrotic damage to enemies within close burst 5 and induces a -2 penalty to saving throws (save ends)!

Despite it's dangerous attacks, it's also very resilient. Firstly, it has regeneration 20 but it can be suspended for one turn if it takes any radiant damage. It also effectively has 2 healing surges in the beginning of the encounter stored in 2 out of its 6 Soul Gems which can be replenished by anyone who is killed by its Drain Soul.

Ultimately, the demilich is Indestructible and will reappear 1d10 days beside it's phylactery if it's not destroyed.

There's also a mention of the infamous demilich, Acerak so we can expect to see him in the hall of infamous undead.

Other lich goodness in this excerpt includes the lore of other lich types. It's quite surprising to see that they have decided to fold the baelnorn from the Forgotten Realms into the core world while void lich and the thicket dryad lich sounds interesting.

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