February 20, 2009

4E PHB vs. 3.5 PHB

Found this on ENWorld, some guy decided to create a word cloud out of the PHBs of 4E and 3.5 to see what major keywords would appear. Click on the images to cast Enlarge Image.

Wordle: 4ePHB
4E Player's Handbook

Wordle: PHB3.5
3.5 Player's Handbook

A very interesting comparison so I thought I should share. Any comments?


Anonymous said...

4e: I need to level so I can get spell bonuses that do more damage?

3.5: Action! Attack your target and do damage!

Questing GM said...

Hey, mnology.

I think you got them the other way around.

Thasmodious said...

4e: If you have a modifier lasting more than 4 hours, consult a doctor to avoid a potentially serious condition.

Only actual comment is that the two books are technical manuals and tell us the same things with slightly altered terminology (spell v power).

The DMG clouds are much more interesting in highlighting some of the differences in philosophy between the editions.