February 7, 2009

Word of Wizards - 7/2/09

Good news always comes when I'm not around. It's as if there is some kind of conspiracy against me by Wizards not to release any juicy information or news while I'm around hogging their office fence in the cyber realm.

Well, I'm back anyways but I won't be writing about whatever that I have missed for this week in their seperate posts. So for this week, I will provide links that will point you directly to the source of the news themselves.

This week we have the preview of the new Shaman class from levels 1-3, a Primal Leader that has links with the spirit world where they find a companion, a healer and a source of spiritual guidance. They also introduced a new type of implements called totems.

Wizards has returned from their D&D Experience in Indiana and it was a great place to take a peek at some inside goods. There were pre-gen characters made using all the races and classes from the upcoming PHB II and it has been circulating like wildfire over the net.

Here are the full pdfs of the Warforged Warden, Half-Orc Avenger and the Deva Shaman. Snapshots of the other races and classes can be found here.

Wizards are already at the NY Comic Convention where these items are most likely to be showcased over this weekend. So now's your chance to get a glimpse at them over the east coast. You never know if Wizards has a few other surprises installed for us.

Speaking of previews, March and April looks like a very promising months. Other than the PHB II, we'll also be seeing the release of the end of the paragon tier adventure (P3 Assault in Nightwyrm Fortress) and the first epic tier adventure (E1 Death's Reach) back to back. Arcane Power will be arriving in April as well.

But enough with the previews, we also reviewed some old school flavoring of levels and naming them which carried more implications to the adventurers' career and how it was evidently dropped by the 2nd edition.

In other news, Wizards has recently upgraded their customer service to receiving calls 7 days a week with 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on weekends (Pacific time). They are still taking hits on their Character Builder but they are providing key informations here.

Here's the links for the week.

Monday (2/2/09)
The Shaman, Level 1-3
Previews for February and Beyond
Pics of DDXP PreGens circulating

Wednesday (4/2/09)
Digital Insider: D&D at NYC

Friday (6/2/09)
D&D Alumni: Name Level

Next week, I should be back on my regular schedule and the only thing we can look forward to so far is a new episode of the podcast.

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