February 27, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Rituals

Player's Handbook 2 Excerpts: Rituals

Another book, another list of new rituals to use. No surprise there. Today's excerpt gives a list of new rituals that will be available in the Player's Handbook 2 ranging from nifty ones like Create Campsite (level 1) to old school Control Weather (level 14). However, what's new is that the book will introduce rituals that can only be performed by bards.

Sadly the one being showcased today is not one of those bard rituals but they have reintroduced an old favorite; Animal Friendship, a level 5 ritual which keys on the Nature skill to allow an animal to perform a task for you. What's interesting is that the casting time of the ritual is only one minute and the animal stays with you for a duration of not less than an hour to a week depending on your Nature roll.

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