March 4, 2009

A memorial to Ernest Gary 'Gigantus'

I don't know if Mr. Gygax ever wondered whether what he had started under his basement in Lake Geneva would have such an important impact on the life of a young boy living somewhere far away across larger bodies of water.

To be honest, I was more influenced indirectly by Gygax than directly because I started out playing AD&D and was well into the hobby only by 3.x. I feel that I'm missing a large part of the game's history and never really knew much about him other than as the 'Father of Dungeons & Dragons'. Sensing that there is a terrible gap in me as a gamer, I've felt that I'm not really in a very good position to write a memorial to a man that I never really knew and have never met.

So as not to embarrass myself or shame his memory, I decided to look for some kind of tribute that could speak for my thoughts. Instead, I found something that has brought me closer to the man not as the 'Father of Dungeons & Dragons' but as a person.

I would like to share these videos to anyone who is reading this blog, whether you have seen them before or not and may it let you grow closer to the great man himself as I did after watching them, even though I will never get to see him.

Like the game that lives in our imaginations, he will always live in our memories.

Thank you, Mr. Ernest Gary 'Gigantus' for a life of good gaming fun you gave us.


The day of the fall of our goliath also falls on GM Day which I think is a bittersweet ironic twist of fate. I hereby pledge to run a Gygax module every year on this day.

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