March 3, 2009

Necromancer Games Going Both Ways

This was posted at Necromancer Games,
March 1, 2009: Big things are on the horizon for Necromancer Games!

First, With the upcoming release of the final version of the Pathfinder rules from long-time partner Paizo Publishing, look for Necromancer to begin supporting that system. "Erik and Lisa and everyone at Paizo are the absolute best. With Pathfinder, they have perfected the branch of D&D that started with 3E and grew to 3.5. Its an amazing system," says Clark Peterson, president of Necromancer Games. "We are in discussions now with our friends at Paizo on how best to support Pathfinder," Peterson says.

Second, Peterson finally reveals plans to bring First Edition Feel to 4E: "In addition to our support for Pathfinder, we believe in supporting the most current official version of D&D--and that is 4E. We plan to create a community-sponsored, grass-roots development of some old-school rules alternatives for 4E, not to replace 4E but to supplement it. To let old school gamers like me play the game we want but with the modern rules and the modern tech," Peterson says. "Keep an eye on our site and boards in the coming months as we start this process. A design team is in place. But we intend to enlist the help of all of you--the real old school players--to help design the rules that you think are lacking, much like Paizo used an open playtest to develop the Pathfinder rules."

And in more news, look for a redsign of the Necromancer site coming soon, along with a hosting switch over. "If you notice a glitch with the site in the next week or month, don't be alarmed. The sacrifices and rituals are going according to plan, but demon princes are so finicky, Peterson says.

They would most probably be the first company to support two different systems from the OGL and the GSL. Since the newly revised GSL have removed the clause which forbid third party publishers to continue producing OGL material, they are now placed in a very interesting situation.

I don't know how many other publishers are going to take this risky position since Goodman Games appears to be all aboard the 4E bandwagon but I'm happy to see that I would get an equal dose for both systems.

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