March 31, 2009

Word of Wizards - April Editorial Calendar

April Editorial Calendar

The calendar of freebies and subscriber treats is here and not a day too soon. After having a brief look, there a few highlights that will be welcoming us into April.

First, the freebies.

Excerpts for Arcane Power will continue until it is released on the 14th, then we move on to another core book; Monster Manual 2! This should be a very exciting preview.

We can also expect to see the usual monthly features such as Steal This Hook! Spotlight Interviews and the previews for April and Beyond. Other than the weekly Penny Arcade/PvP podcasts, this month's Vicious Venues will also be hosted as a podcast which sounds interesting. There is also a Scales of War advice column but I'm not so sure if it's going to be useful at this stage.

An interesting curiosity is the Fool's Grove which doesn't seem to indicate what it is but I'm guessing it's a written version for this month's Vicious Venues.

Now for the Insider goods,

There are interesting articles that are coming up on Dragon such as Ecology of the Deva, Familiars, Arcane Schools and Creature Incarnations: Orcs. But the main highlight would most definitely be able to do a couple of playtest for Player's Handbook 3.

The first playtest is for Dualclassing. It would be very interesting to see how 4E is trying to bring back this antiquity mechanic and how will it differentiate from multiclassing now that we also have retraining rules.

The second playtest is yet to be announced but it is either the monk playtest being moved ahead of schedule (initially set in May) or it could be a whole class altogether.

All in all, it looks like a good month is ahead of us.

Any thoughts or predictions?

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