March 20, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Alumni: Druid & Bard

D&D Alumni: Druid & Bard

Among the new classes that are in the Player's Handbook 2, there are 2 of them that has been with the game throughout all the editions; the bard and the druid. This article is a look back at its history, the concept and the roles they played in the various editions.

It is very interesting to see some of the old mechanics of these classes and how they have evolved over the years with different design philosophies. It also gives a little insight on what was likable about these classes which were narrowed down into the theme that they would take in 4th Edition.

Overall, an interesting read about the history behind these classes and it certainly brings back some nostalgia like the 2nd edition druids and bards which I could recognize.

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