March 16, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Arcane Power Rituals

Arcane Power Excerpts: Rituals

The first excerpt from Arcane Power is in and what would a book about the Arcane power source be without rituals. I have to say that for book focusing on the Arcane, the number of rituals presented in this book appears to be quite lacking.

There 19 rituals altogether ranging from level 1 to 28. Some of them are the return of old spells such as Purify Water, Unseen Servant, Fool's Gold and Telepathic Bond. There are 3 of these rituals that are being detailed in this excerpt; Unseen Servant, Guards and Wards and the highest level Imprisonment.

The Unseen Servant can carry weights up to 100 pounds and perform menial task such as cleaning, making camp and moving objects but at 20 gp for only 10 minutes and creating a second servant would double the cost, color me unimpressed.

Guards and Wards covers an area with a dense fog which can be ignored if their invited into the area. It also creates hallucinatory terrains as per the ritual and lock all doors, windows and other portals with Arcane Lock for 24 hours. The ritual lasts for 24 hours but can sustained by spending a healing surge for another 24 hours. If the ritual is in place for more than a year and a day, the effects are permanent.

Lastly, Imprisonment banishes a creature into a demiplane that is created by the ritual and places them under suspended animation. One or more conditions must be set to free the creature or you can release the creature with a ritual of release without a component cost.


Wyatt said...

VERY cool, but still prohibitively expensive and too time consuming. Luckily I houserule rituals favorably for the players, but seriously, 500,000 gp and one hour casting time for a Plot Coupon?

Questing GM said...

Hey Wyatt,

Yeah, I generally agree that all these rituals sound really cool but long casting time and expensive component cost that makes 'diminishing returns'. >=)