March 6, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Feats

Today's excerpt is an unremarkable list of heroic feats. There are altogether 31 feats, 15 of them are racial feats for the new races that will be in the PHB II.

From the vague descriptions, I could pick a few that were interesting to me.

Distant Advantage
Benefit: Gain combat advantage with ranged and area attacks against flanked enemies.

Goliath Greatweapon Prowess
Prerequisite: Goliath
Benefit: Gain proficiency, +2 damage with two-handed melee weapons.

Melee Training
Benefit: Change ability used for melee basic weapon attacks.

Timely Respite
Benefit: Second wind or total defense grants saving throw

Weapon Expertise
Benefit: +1 to attacks with weapon group.

Looking at these and the rest so far, I don't feel a real power creep yet and they seem fairly alright but keep an eye on Weapon Expertise being potentially min/maxed.


Ameron said...

I agree that a lot of the new feats sound pretty good. I'm worried that it will take me 6 levels of retraining to get all the new cool stuff I want.

I'm going to ask my DM if he'll allow a 1 time swap where I can take new powers or feats from the PHB2 as long as they fit the charactr profile I've been playing to date.

Questing GM said...

Hey Ameron,

At the rate of how things are going, you're probably going to have to ask your DM to allow you to do a complete retraining every time a new book is released. It was the same before in 3.x (back then we didn't even have a Retraining rule!), it's going to be same again, which is the Wizards' model.

I've hearing alot of negative feedback on Weapon Expertise, something along the lines of a math fix that cost a feat.