March 13, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Primal Avatar

Player's Handbook 2: Primal Avatar

The final excerpt before the official release of the Player's Handbook 2 next week climaxes to an epic destiny; the Primal Avatar. Once a primal hero accomplishes his destiny quest, he enters into the spirit realm and becomes one with the spirits that has guided and powered him over the course of his existence.

As a spirit, they learn how to Primal Travel (Level 21 destiny feature) which teleports them 3 squares as an immediate reaction if they are hit by a melee attack.

They also gain a Spirit Boon (Level 24 destiny feature) which grants them a +1 bonus to attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks to an ability score which they choose at the end of an extended rest. This effect last until the end of their next extended rest when the Avatar would have to re-pick an ability score.

Being able to transit between the spirit realm and the physical realm, Primal Avatars are promised with an Eternal Return (Level 30 destiny feature) should their physical body ever fail or meet its end prematurely. Once per day, the avatar can return from the dead at the start of any round within 10 rounds after his death as long as they have 2 healing surges left. When they do this, their hitpoint is restored to their bloodied value and are free from any ill effects that requires a save suffered before. They can immediately take any action after this.

The main ability of the primal avatar is to be able to Walk with the Spirits (Level 26, Daily) which causes the material body of the avatar to transform into its spiritual form. While in this form, the avatar has a fly speed equal to their speed, becomes insubstantial and gains phasing. While they can still use their at-will and encounter powers but the lack of physical form does not allow them to use their daily powers, magical items or perform rituals.

The avatar can remain in this form until they are reduced to 0 hitpoints or return back to their physical form with a standard action where they will manifest in the square they are currently occupying.

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