March 5, 2009

Word of Wizards - J!NX T-Shirts

J!NX T-Shirts

Wizards is helping out to pimp these guys.

J!NX has produced 4E D&D T-shirts for the monsters, the rockers and for the old school gamers to wear to show how they roll their dice.

There are 3 designs (one which is shown above, RAWR!) ranging from $17.99 - $20.99 (not including shipping, I suppose) that are pretty neat and would be nice to wear if you're not afraid displaying your love for the game.

I bet you that the gnome shirt is going to be quite popular amongst 4E gamers since it's been going around as one of the most memorable lines for 4E.

You can check out the other designs at the link above or head straight to the J!NX store to see them. RAWR!

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