May 3, 2009

Questing's Readings - 3/5/09

Goodbye April and Hello May. Another month has gone and we're ready for another blog carnival. This time hosted by the guys over at RoleplayingPro who will be compiling any posts on the future of Roleplaying.

This week's highlights would be very interesting for anyone who wants to learn to create better maps or are searching for resources or tools for mapmaking. There's also some pretty good DMing advice and discussions as well as some thoughts on rewarding XP.

Overall, it's been a satisfying end for April with good reads abound which I would highly recommend in my list. So be sure to at least check these out.

A Butterfly Dreaming
Developing Roles
A good look at how roles and class builds are changing in PHB I and PHB II.

Bard of Valiant
6 Endangered Adventure Ideas
Some great adventures seeds using endangered animals for different genres.

An Epic Campaign: Step 1
Some great links pointing to readings that will help you prepare for your epic campaign.

Campaign Mastery
The Right Quip at The Right Time: Humour in RPGs
A great list of types of humor and how do they work in a RPG.

When Is A Good Time To Hand Out Experience Points?
A great article on determining when is a good time to give out XP by understanding what characters, players and GMs want out of distributing them.

Chgowiz's Old Guy RPG Blog
Maps and mapping tools for free
A good link list of map-making tools and useful resources for making great maps.

DND Corner
Tips For Drawing A World Map
A simple 4 step process to help you populate your world geographically.

Gamers of State
Why Old School is Bad for RPGs...and Good For Gamers
How the 'old school' can benefit and harm the new generation of gamers.

Gaming Brouhaha
Aggressive Scene Framing - An example in play
A demonstration of how moving on to the next scene aggressively can help gameplay.

Greywulf's Lair
Confessions of a Lazy GM 3
More lazy GM tips on using stock monsters and recycling.

A style guide for third party 4e/GSL publishers
A very handy guide for writing any 4E material according to Wizards' format.

Optimized Characters: Start With the Racial Powers
Optimized Characters: PHB1 Racial Traits Character Ideas

A good breakdown of the powers and racial traits of the races that will be useful for creating themed or optimized characters.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
My Villains are Social Dynamic Puzzles
An interesting approach of creating a villain that develops alongside the PCs.

The Elusive Philippine Gamer
What is gaming like in the Philippines.

5 Keys to Running Law Enforcement NPCs
5 realistic things that a law enforcement NPC would do in a modern campaign.

Building Realism: The Baseline
Some good thoughts on why we should set a realism baseline in our campaign settings.

You Decided: Top 25 RPGs Results
The results are in. Which RPG would be the most favorite?

Stargazer's World
Creating an old-school map in GIMP
A link to a tutorial that will teach on how to create maps using GIMP. See the results for yourself.

Use Your Weaknesses
How to turn a player/GM's weakness around into something interesting.

Symptoms of Madness
How do you reward Role Playing in your D&D games?
Some thoughts on how to reward roleplaying with XP and a good conclusion.

Roleplaying rewards solved!
An interesting method of rewarding XP for roleplaying.

The Bone Scroll
I Can Run Anything But That!
4 reasons that is stopping GMs from running different games.

The Core Mechanic
Through the Looking Glass
Introducing the Johari Window and how it can used in RPGs.

Six RPG Map Making Solutions For Your Game
6 tools that can be used by DMs to create maps.

The RPG Athenaeum
Seven sources for fantasy names
7 places to look for inspiration for fantasy names.

Drawing fantasy inspiration from real sites
4 examples of real world locations that can be used to base an adventure on.

The Smart Party
How Much Is Too Much?
Striking a balance of information overload and having enough details for your game.

Uncle Bear
Overcoming DM Anxiety
A 5 step prep plan for a game with a new system.

We Need the XP!
I Am Not A 'Master' of Dungeons
A DM doesn't always have to be a master of the rules.

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