April 24, 2009

Word of Wizards - Dangerous Delves Preview 3

Dangerous Delves Preview 3
Today's preview gives us a look at some of the Aberrant from the set. But before I proceed further, I would to make a disclaimer for some of errors I made in my previous coverage of the previews.

It seems to have slip my notice that the visible miniatures are not actually rares but are uncommons painted with the quality of a rare. I'm not sure if saying this would make a difference since the miniatures are visible anyway but I just wanted to be clear and make sure that we are still on the same page. If there are anymore errors that I may have made in this or my previous posts, please feel free to correct me in the comment box.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Let's look at some Aberrations.

Aboleth Slime Mage

The much demanded Aboleth has finally taken shape and the best part of it all is that it is a visible uncommon. So you can surely pick up one or two of these for your devious needs. It generally looks alright too.

Beholder Eye Tyrant
A rare miniature that was previously only available in 2005, so now is your second chance to get a hold of this if you fancy some fearful eye rays. Again, looks alright without anything impressive.

Although the solo status of this monster would have normally made this to be a rare but it's duplicate summoning ability means that it is quite likely that PCs will be facing more than one of these in a fight. Thus it has been regulated into an uncommon which would make it slightly easier for DMs to have a few more of these handy.

I'm glad to see that some common sense is put in the process of determining the rarity of a miniature as it would helped immensely for DMs and collectors alike. No complaints for the appearance of this miniature as well.

Foulspawn Grue
This common foulspawn grue is the first in line of a collection that will give the other 3 remaining foulspawns shape by the end of the year. Some themed monsters are also going through this process as more sets are introduced. Seeing that this is a common, I think it works well as a zombie except that it's small.....maybe as halfling zombies?

Xen'Drik Drow Stingblade
While this rare drow isn't an aberrant but it's a preview from the Eberron Campaign Guide that won't be released until June. From it's stat card, you might want to watch out for its poison attacks. Since the Player's Handbook Heroes set doesn't include a drow in their lineup, this will have to do as a PC, although getting this will be a little tough.

So any thoughts on these miniatures?

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