April 27, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Remorhaz

Monster Manual 2 Excerpts: Remorhaz

Today we are again reintroduced to another returning favorite monster of mine for 4E; the smoldering Remorhaz.

The Remorhaz is a Level 21 Elite Brute which emits a Blistering Heat aura that deals 10 fire damage to anyone who starts their turn within 2 squares of it. When bloodied, the heat increases to an Enraged Heat (immediate reaction, when a creature hits the remorhaz with a melee attack; usable only when bloodied; at-will) which deals 10 fire damage to any creature that hits the remorhaz.

It can also use its heat as an offensive attack through its Immolating Carapace (standard; recharge 6) that burns anyone within a close burst 1 for 3d10+5 fire damage if they don't manage to evade with their Reflex. Those that are damaged would continue to take an ongoing 10 fire damage until they end their turn in a square that is not adjacent to the Remorhaz.

Even in a straight-up fight, the Remorhaz is certainly not a push over. Its Bite (standard; at-will) deals 2d12+10 damage and automatically grabs the target within reach 2. This can be quickly followed by a Swallow (minor; at-will) against Fortitude. Once swallowed, the target is restrained and can only make melee or close attacks. No one except for the Remorhaz has line of sight or effect on the swallowed target and the target can only target the Remorhaz while swallowed. At the start of the Remorhaz's turn, the target takes 20 damage, half of which is fire.

The only way to escape is by dealing 30 damage to the Remorhaz in a single attack or if the Remorhaz dies. The target appears in an adjacent square if it's the former while it reappears on the former square of the Remorhaz as a move action if it's the latter.

If the Remorhaz is not interested in swallowing anyone, it can simply just Trample its enemies. By moving its speed across enemy squares, it can cause 2d10+5 damage and knock the targets prone if they can't avoid it with their Reflex.

It certainly feels that they have upgraded the Remorhaz for 4E and elevating its status to an Epic tier monster just makes fighting it all the more exciting. I really hope that they use the above artwork which is very cool instead of the 3.x one from the 3.x Monster Manual that was shown in the excerpt.

What do you think of the new Remorhaz?


Donny said...

That is freaking awesome!

Puts the wee beasty I made for my homebrew game to shame :)

Questing GM said...

Hey Donny,

Yeah. I can't wait to use this monster if my players will level up fast enough.