April 1, 2009

Word of Wizards - Player's Handbook 3 Preview: Witchaloks

Player's Handbook 3 Preview: Witchaloks

We've all heard of finding the perfect combination of fighter and wizard to create the ultimate class in D&D.


The true path to power is to create a class that combines the power and malevolence of witches and warlocks that will open doors to powers so great that even the mighty Tiamat wouldn't want to go near with a 10-foot pole.

Wizards has presented the ultimate power creep class in the Player's Handbook 3 and no game will ever the same again. Behold, the Witchalok!

Witchalok are Sweet and Awesome but thanks to their Polaritude (class feature) it suppress either one of their coolness that they can choose.

They wield powers from the Witchweave which means that all implements cannot be used except for Witchalok Blades which is only what they are proficient with. There are only a pair that is believed to exist, so Witchaloks share them lovingly. Like other spellcasters, they gain Ritual Casting as a free feat.

Despite being suppressed by Polaritude to only emit either awesomeness or sweetness, Witchaloks are Hermaphroditic Androgynites (class feature) which is the answer to the ultimate gamers' dilemma.

Witchaloks also speak unaccented Withcholese which is a secret language that no one class may learn......without an accent.

Witchaloks can fire a Death Laser (level 1, at-will) which puts the laser cleric to shame and curse the gods the day that they were ordained. A target that is hit by a Death Laser is pushed back 2 squares and dies until the end of your next turn.

Witchaloks can Throw Witchalok Blade (level 1, at-will) which is so powerful that they have to pick it up from where it was thrown.

They can summon a Big Skull (level 1, encounter) which makes their targets scream and wave their arms wildly. If a critical hit is dealt, there are inconvenienced.

If that is not enough, Witchaloks will Reveal Parentage (level 1, daily) which deals 2d10+Cha and ongoing 5 psychic damage (save ends) just by telling you that you are three-quarter witchalok, on your mother's side. Even the half-orcs.

To become more awesome, Witchaloks can Turn Into a Dinosaur (level 2, at-will) just to show you that they can.

Although this preview only goes up to 3rd level but clearly the most dangerous attack of the Witchalok is the Daggerblade of Sorrows One Hundred Million Weeping (level 3, daily) which deals 3d8+Cha and the target is sad (save ends).

Any thoughts on this class? Is there a power creep creeping in?

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