April 22, 2009

Word of Wizards - Steal This Hook! Arcane Threats

Arcane Threats

Arcane Power may be more of a player's book but what's stopping the DM to use it and come up with several plot hooks to incorporate the new rules into the campaign?

This month's Steal This Hook! presents three plot hooks that can potentially be arcane related but also just plain mundane.

The first hook involves the PC meeting someone who is digging up his 'brother' who is supposedly buried alive in a tomb by kidnappers who wanted a family heirloom. The direction where this could go is the real relationship between the digger and his 'brother', whether the brother is still alive or what is inside the tomb.

The second hook is when PCs heard news of a halfling caravan that has stopped in the woods and not making any progress towards it destination. When the PCs investigate, the caravan has seem to settle down in the woods and it is up to the DM (or PCs) to decide what is the reason for this. Could it be a Wizards duel? An evil force in the forest? Or has the leadership of the caravan been compromised?

The last hook is about 3 spirits that the only ways of entering a locked tower have escaped and one of them may have taken refuge inside one of the PCs. A group of adventurers who accidentally released these spirits are searching for them and it could up to the PCs to discern whether it is for a good cause or there is a hidden plot behind them. Or it could be the spirits that cannot be trusted? What is inside the tower anyway?

Any adventure ideas coming up to mind after reading these plot hooks that you would like to share?

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