May 28, 2009

{Quest Log} Play by Facebook, Seriously?

Yes! I'm back!

I'm finally free from stressful hours of brain wrenching for assignments and all that's left are the finals which won't be taking up that much of my time. So it's time to talk about gaming.

While I was away doing my assignments, I did a little research on social networking sites. So in a half-crazed state of mind, a sudden idea struck me and asked could we use the technologies available in social networking sites to be a replacement of an online game table?

I'm not talking about applications like Tiny Adventures in Facebook but using the actual features and functions that are provided in these sites. And guess what. Without even looking or searching for the tonnes of weird to worthless applications that are in Facebook, I think it can be done.

Think about it.

In Facebook, the Wall is actually the game table where the DM narrates the description and your players who are from your friends list, respond by commenting on your status. The DM's profile could be used as an in-game journal or campaign wiki of a sort and there are photos which you can use to post description or illustration as visual aids.

It's like a PbF, a campaign wiki and an in-game journal all in one place.

For conflict resolutions, you could probably challenge your players in a certain Facebook game and if they could beat your score (which all of you would have to publish onto the profile) then they succeed. What the players are trying to do will determine what game is being played. So for example, you player wants to make a Geography check, challenge them to a game of GeoChallenge and the ones with the higher score wins.

Combat can be resolved in small round of Texas Hold Em Poker where players and monsters who lose all their chips is considered to be taken down.

Alright I think my mind hasn't fully recovered from all the stress so this might sound really crazy. If you think so then please ignore this but if not, tell me more ways that you would make this work.

Now I should go grab some long overdued sleep.


shinobicow said...

to be honest, i think facebook could be a great place to do some DnD playing, but i'm not sure about resolving combat through Texas Hold Em... I'm sure a bunch of cowboys though would be either pumped or rolling over in there graves, im not sure (but i'm sure they would feel strongly about it).

With a the technology of APPS that facebook has to offer, it wouldn't take long for some enterprising individuals to put together a dice roller app a game table app and a DM app, all of which could work together, post things to the walls, or send messages to other players. I think its a great idea. Anybody know any programmers?

Questing GM said...

Hey shonobicow,

Welcome to the blog again and thanks for the thought!

I think there is potential and I don't know if any RPG company has looked at the potential of using SNS for gaming other than creating a group page.

Wizards's Tiny Adventures was surprising but it was admitted later to be more of a marketing hype than an actual fun game. If Wizards are now too concern about other Insider tools than the VTT, they could explore SNS as a much simpler alternative.

I thought that Texas Holdem would make a good combat resolution system since it can be tactical, luck and skill just like in real combat although in a very abstract sense.

It would be neat if a programmer comes up with some RPG apps but I guess that would take a while (who wants a dice roller in their profile afterall). Sadly, I don't know any programmers.

Thanks for the comment once again and hope that you will continue to enjoy your stay here!