May 17, 2009

Questing's Readings - Appendix N Edition

Zach from RPG Blog II asked a very interesting question last week. He asked what would be in our Appendix N?

Now for those who are easily confused by Appendices and arbitrary alphabetical numbering, the Appendix N was a list of literature sources that inspired Gary Gygax when he was writing for the game that was at the back of the 1st Edition AD&D DMG.

In this special edition, I have collected some of the respective Appendix Ns shared by our fellow bloggers which serves as a good base of understand their taste and maybe you could find some blogs that might have more similarities with you. It's also interesting to see what significant works have inspired the older and younger generation of gamers.

As fantasy and science fiction are now staple among other media, so many of these appendices include sources that comes from film, TV, games and comics.

Dice Monkey
Vulcan Stev's Database
Tales of the Rumbling Bumblers
Symptoms of Madness
Savage Swords of Athanor
The Spirits of Eden
The Dwarf and the Basilisk
Worlds in a Handful of Dice
Dungeon Mastering 101

I'm still trying to write my own Appendix N but that post would have to wait until I get my hands free.

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