May 6, 2009

Word of Wizards - Dangerous Delves Preview 6

Dangerous Delves Preview 6

Today's miniature preview, we take a look at a couple of goblins, a couple of large miniatures and even a god.

Let's start with the small stuff first.

Goblin Sharpshooter
This little common miniature is going to see a lot of use for low level adventures. However, I don't think there's been a goblin armed with a melee weapon from this set so this would have to act as both until you have miniatures to differentiate them.

Goblin Delver
Splug gets a mini! If you ever need a miniature to represent that semi-friendly goblin from Keep on the Shadowfell then this is it. Being an uncommon won't make this too hard to get but I'm not sure what will I do if I get more than one of these.

Clay Golem
Moving on to the large minis, we have the rare Clay Golem that will be one of the new golems in the Monster Manual 2. From the stat card, the Clay Golem is a Level 15 Elite Brute that is immune to sleep and poison and has a Hasty Reaction that allows it to act twice in a combat round with an initiative count of 25 and 15. It has a Double Attack (standard; at-will) that allows it to make 2 Slam (standard; at-will) attack to anyone within reach 2 that deals 3d8+7 damage and the target can't shift or make opportunity attacks (save ends).

I'm not that into the slimy look but I think it can make a good replacement for an earth elemental so that probably evens it out for me.

Bloodrager Troll
Another large monster that will be featured in the Monster Manual 2. Fortunately this one is a visible miniature so it's easy to get this brutal looking troll onto the table. The Bladerager Troll is a Level 12 Brute but from the stat card, it doesn't seem to have the usual trapping of a normal troll from Monster Manual 1 like Frenzied Strike so I wonder if that's a typo. Anyway, that doesn't stop you from stocking up enough of these to be used as a regular troll that looks totally badass.

Aspect of Vecna
Although the stat card for this one is the Level 25 Elite Controller, that doesn't mean you can't use this miniature to represent the Big Bad Evil God himself. It's most likely a rare so if you are lucky to get this one out of your box, you might want to consider running that Open Grave campaign.

Anything to say about these minis?

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