May 13, 2009

Word of Wizards - Steal This Hook! Ankhegs and Kenkus and Golems, Oh My!

Steal This Hook! Ankhegs and Kenkus and Golems, Oh My!

With Monster Manual 2 being released in less than a week from now, DMs are surely starting to think up adventures where they can use the new monsters from the book. This month's Steal This Hook! is a good way to warm up your creative engines with 3 plot hooks based on 3 new monsters that will be appearing in the book. Unfortunately, they didn't provide the stats for these new monsters but you can already stat up the encounters for one of them.

Chained Up
This one features the Chain Golem which is causing a ruckus among the wagons of a caravan outside a local tavern. Why is there a chain golem or who does it belong to will be some of the main background questions and your answer could be a wizard that lives in the wilderness, barbarian raiders or something more infernal that has an attachment with chains.

The Raven People
The PCs chance upon a robbery gone bad as undead followed by a birdlike figure emerge from the sewer, attacking both the muggers and their victim. Why are there kenkus in the sewers, who is leading them and what else could be hidden in the dank tunnels could form the basis for an underground urban adventure. Not all tunnels have to be in a dungeon.

Ankhegs Galore
A rich merchant is trying to make it big with a new trade route but he needs guards to protect his caravan from the Ankhegs that are known to infest the area. Many potential guardians have ignored this job but what will it be for the PCs? It can be just a simple guard duty across dangerous terrain or perhaps there is someone who is controlling the Ankhegs. Time to find some extra help from someone who might know what is best when trespassing Ankheg territory or knows a thing or two about Ankhegs.

The Ankheg stats can be found in this preview so you can get on expanding this plot hook right away.

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