May 23, 2009

Word of Wizards - Use This Book Tonight: Monster Manual 2

Use This Book Tonight: Monster Manual 2

Got yourself a nice new copy of the Monster Manual 2 and can't wait to unleash the new monsters as you flip every page? Throw this complete encounter at them straight away as a test run or to simply give yourself the joy of using these monsters immediately.

This encounter is suitable for 9th level adventurers but can be easily scaled up and down for lower and higher levels.

The PCs hear chanting voices and sharp screams as they are camping one night and the duergars are up to no good. If the PCs decide to follow the racket, they will have to be prepared to stop a ritual sacrifice in an underground complex guarded by new monsters that armed PCs would fear to face. But if they are too late then a greater threat will emerge.

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