June 16, 2009

Burning Question - Perception Checks

Today's question is another one from Paizo's 'Ask the Pro' column.
When you call for your players to roll Perception checks, do you pull those who succeed aside, or do you simply look at them and say, "You see/hear...?"
(You can find the answers from some of Paizo's staff here).

My approach to this is I usually ask the player whether he wants me to reveal the information that he just saw/heard to his fellow characters. So it mostly depends on that character.

It is quite a waste of time to pull aside a player to tell them that he saw an ambush waiting for them when telling the party right away would be more effective. However, when the rogue is searching or sees a treasure that the rest of the party's missed then it becomes another story.

So what would you do?

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Ameron said...

If the party is all together then I generally just announce the result to the entire table. If the PCs have split up then I'll take steps to inform just the PC who made the successful check. My group all use laptops when we play, so sending instant messages is quick and easy if it comes to that.