June 18, 2009

Word of Wizards - 'Dungeons and Dragons' game handbooks the subject of lawsuits

Reported today on the Associated Press, eight individuals from the US, the Philippines and Poland are now facing accusations for illegally distributing the Player's Handbook 2, Open Grave, Dungeon Delve and Manual of the Planes at

Wizards is claiming unspecified damages for copyright infringement but some of the defendants are disputing for mediation. Thomas Patrick Nolan from Milton, Florida, denied committing the wrongdoings, claiming that his online identity was stolen when he lost his wallet in Michigan in February. He, together with Stefan Osmena from the Philippines will be submitting their disputes for mediation.

Although watermark evidence proves that Arthur Le of San Jose from California who claims to be a 19 year old college student was the owner of the book which appeared on the Scribd page of another defendant, Mike Becker of Bartlesville, Le denied any association with the latter.

Only one Polish defendant is named, Krysztof Radzikowski, while the identities of the remaining defendants are unknown and not disclosed.

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