June 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Eberron Player's Guide Champion of Prophecy

Eberron Player's Guide Excerpts: Champion of Prophecy

The Champion of Prophecy is one who knows his role in the mysterious Draconic Prophecy. He was given evidence that he would play a tangible part in fulfilling that prophecy somewhere during the course of his life and nothing or no one will ever stop him.

This epic destiny is opened to anyone that has achieved 21st level and there are no other prerequisites. Once they have become the Agent of Prophecy, they are bestowed with a Prophetic Blessing (21st level Destiny feature). This give them a +2 bonus to a physical (strength, dexterity or constitution) and a mental stat (intelligence, wisdom, charisma) of their choice.

A Champion carries an Unstoppable Prophecy (21st level Destiny feature) that only makes them stronger as they draw closer to death. Whenever a Champion fails a death saving throw, they gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of the encounter.

At every Critical Juncture (24th level Destiny feature) in combat, the Champion's will only grows stronger. Whenever a Champion scores a critical hit, they can spend a healing surge.

The Champion constantly pushes the limits of their heroic deeds and prowess as they are sustained by Prophetic Renewal (30th level Destiny feature). Every time a Champion achieves a milestone, they may choose to regain the use of an expended daily power in place of gaining an action point.

When a Champion has gained great confidence in their success over the enemies of the prophecy, they fight with even greater Prophetic Certainty (Level 26, encounter) in combat. For each milestone that the Champion has achieved since their last extended rest, it grants them a +2 bonus to their next attack roll until the end of their next turn.

I like the idea behind this epic destiny and think that it would be an interesting one for a PC to strive for but I'm disappointed with the mechanics.

I'm not sure what is the flavor that this epic destiny is trying to project other than being a 'going gets tough, the tough gets going' sort of character which I don't think suits the idea behind the Champion. Besides, haven't we got plenty of those already in other books?

Perhaps this is supposed to go along the lines of a 'fated' champion but the mechanics doesn't seem to reflect that very well. For example, what does failing a saving throw has to done with increasing your attack bonus? It's weird that as your character is nearing death's door that his attack powers (which he can't used anyway since he is dying) is getting stronger.

On a side note, does Unstoppable Prophecy stack if the Champion fails 2 death saving throw?

Any thoughts on the Champion of Prophecy?