June 17, 2009

Word of Wizards - Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is happening this Saturday (20 June 2009) and Wizards will be offering a free Eberron adventure written by Keith Baker himself. Khyber's Harvest is for 2nd level characters and it will take them to 3rd level.

Here's a blurb from Wizards
When madness and night align
And innocent blood waters the dark tree
The noble soul must claim the Coat of Eyes
And bear the burden for the good of all.
--From the Talash Siberys

A trek across the Shadow Marches leads weary travelers to Blackroot, a quiet village of ramshackle huts nestled among the darkwood trees. Here, orcs and humans live in peace. However, all is not well. Something evil has crawled up from below, threatening to devour the village and its denizens. Only a party of brave heroes stands in its way.

In Khyber's Harvest, the PCs battle an ancient evil threatening this remote village in the Shadow Marches. The dark power of the planes has grown strong in this place. Depraved cultists and twisted aberrant creatures are dragging innocents down into ancient caverns to undergo a horrific transformation. To save these helpless villagers, the PCs must overcome the terrors of Khyber--a quest that brings them to the attention of the dreaded Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes.

Khyber's Harvest is a short adventure for 2nd-level characters, who should reach 3rd level by the end, and includes five pre-generated characters. Although it has been created as an introduction to the Eberron campaign setting, this adventure can be easily altered and expanded to fit into any ongoing campaign.
If you want to pick up this free adventure then find your nearest participating store here.

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