June 27, 2009

Word of Wizards - Martial Heroes 4

Martial Heroes 4

This box contains a male Tiefling Fighter, a female Human Warlord and a male Shifter Ranger.

Tiefling Fighter
This armored tiefling wields a spear and looks quite alright. Unfortunately with the tail, this miniature is almost exclusively meant to be only for tiefling characters. This miniature is also a Phalanx Leader (Level 10; encounter?) that protects an adjacent ally and grants it a bonus to hit, which might explain the shield.

Human Warlord
A very slender armored character that can easily be a elf, eladrin or deva and also as a paladin or fighter.

This miniature is part of an Inevitable Wave (Level 1; at-will) that can replace a basic charge attack to grant an ally that charges the same target as you a bonus damage equal to your Int mod.

Shifter Ranger
I don't know what to make out of this miniature. It looks like it could also be a replacement as a half-orc. While the pose is menacing but the color isn't as mean as it looks. Generally, I think this is the weakest in the box but not too bad.

Still, this ranger is going at using those swords to good effect and can use them to form a Shield of Blades (Level 1?; at-will) that gives a small defense bonus if the ranger hits an enemy.

Overall, a pretty satisfactory box. Any thoughts on these miniatures?

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