July 5, 2009

Questing's Readings - 5/7/09

Here comes July and we're only a month away from GenCon. But before that, Origins has just wrapped up and we have a few good coverage on the events and seminars coming from Critical Hits.

A new month also means a new blog carnival for the RPG Bloggers Network, this time hosted by 6d6fireball. While last month's carnival, hosted by Mad Brew Labs on Steampunk and Klokweorks is not really my cup of tea but this month topic could potentially lead to an explosive buzz. You can't get more controversial or fired up when talking about D&D.

For this week's readings, we have a couple of blog posts trying to differentiate P&P RPGs and CRPGs and a sharing of the worst DMs and player. Other than that, we have a speckle of advice for GMs and players along with some innovative ideas to think about.

Advanced Gaming & Theory
Natural Conflict
Some camping lessons to bring to the gaming table on how natural hazards can be a great challenge and danger to players such as water, rain, animals and the weather. There's also a simple table to determine the effects of these outside hazards.

Open For Business
Why adventurers should own a business and a simple table that determines how much a PC makes per month.

Myth as Adventure
Creating an invulnerable monster with an Achilles's Heel and how to let characters find out that weakness and exploiting it by special attacks and spells.

Critical Hits
Origins 2009: Ultimate Dungeon Delve
Origins 2009: D&D 4e Villains Seminar
Origins 2009: Monte Cook "Designing A Better Dungeon"

The remaining coverage on Origins 2009.

DND Corner
Dungeons and Dragons Thru The Ages: Character Creation
A look at the character generation process through the editions that is pretty humorous.

Gothridge Manor
The Worst Player I Ever GMed

A cheating player that hides his dice rolls, plays out of character and slips in extra equipment in his character sheet.....and his untimely end.

Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
Five Ways To Make Your DM's Life Easier
Good advice on talking about your character and being an active and team player.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
Dealing with GM Burnout
4 things you can do when going through a GM burnout.

Mike's Mind
Player Shopping List
A good list of recommendations of mundane and low-leveled magic items to buy in 4E.

The Future of PDFs in the Roleplaying Industry
Another good look at the facts of PDF piracy and an examination of some of the possible solutions.

Why Pen And Paper Are Better Than World of Warcraft
A reaction that you won't get from playing P&P RPGs. Maybe he should give it a try.

The Worst GM I Ever Had
What happens when you are stuck with an inconsistent, GMPC-loving, railroading and cheating GM. Maybe someone needs to be a player for once.

Tankards & Broadswords
The Future of the FLGS?
A video of an interesting machine that could be a staple device in FLGS and probably a great way to revive the PDF market?

The Spirit of Eden
Narrative Units: The Adventure (And The Day)
An interesting concept for duration that can be used for diseases and ritual effects.

Wondrous Imaginings
How to grow the hobby, and compete against MMORPG: Great DM's.
A great article on how DMs make the difference between traditional RPGs and MMORPGs with a couple of video samples of great DMs and how important are DMs to the hobby.

World of Alidor
4e Extreme Basic or 4e Very Fast Play
An interesting way of playing 4E characters from the Monster Manual instead of the Player's Handbook.

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