July 9, 2009

Word of Wizards - Steal This Hook! Threats of a Divine Nature

Steal This Hook! Threats of a Divine Nature

Wizards have come up with 3 divine-themed plot hooks with sidebars to give you some ideas on how to tie them in with the new mechanics of Divine Power and Eberron Campaign Guide, both that will be released this month.

Sudden Retirement
Rumors that the dwarf priest of Moradin is retiring with no successor apparent or named is raising concerns in a town.

This plot hook can be expanded in two ways. First, the PCs could be hired to investigate the underlying reason for this sudden announcement. Could the priest be running from a past or is a doppleganger involved? The second way is deal the aftermath of this announcement. With no heir apparent named, potential successors are scheming to gain power. This could result in mysterious disappearances of candidates, candidates trying to prove their worth or maybe one of the PCs is nominated?

This plot hook doesn't necessarily have to be happening to the church of Moradin as long as its any other church that could be badly affected by the sudden retirement of their high priest.

The Dread God
The PCs have an appointment with someone who they are close to and somehow she never turned up for the meeting which is unusual. Later they find out that the body of their friend has been found....drained of blood.

A cult is possibly involved that could be led by a vampire or a monstrous demon that requires blood sacrifice. Finding out the identity of its members and the location of their gathering spot will be the main challenge.

But why is their friend victimized? Was she simply a coincidental victim or maybe she was a member of the cult?

Hidden Blessing
The PCs hear about the tale of Praxus, a noble paladin who went to war and never returned. There is a statue of him in the town center and a farmer insists that she saw the statue moved.

Could the statue really be Praxus petrified by a medusa? An animated statue placed by some mysterious sculptor? Or Praxus trapped in the stone form by other powerful beings?

What will happened if Praxus is released from the stone form? Will he want vengeance or bring destruction to the town where he is revered as a saint?

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