September 10, 2009

Questing's Readings - 13/9/09

For this week's readings, we have some posts on GMing advice, gaming with significant others and a resource page for Pathfinder.

Campaign Mastery
Types of Combat Hazards - Traps
Some pretty extensive advice on how to place traps in combat terrain and consider the what, where and why of traps in the battlefield.

Scaling Social Conflicts
Some interesting thoughts on social conflicts and how other game systems up the stakes to make them as consequential as combat.

Mad Brew Labs
Pathfinder RPG Resources
A good list of resources, official and unofficial, including the PRD, wikis, character generators and character sheets.

The Gamemaster's Arsenal: Shifting Paradigms [Part 1]
A very well written article on thinking how DMs should design NPCs that are not only reactive to the PCs but should be reacted by the PCs.

Stupid Ranger
I Don't Want To Decide Anything
A sharing of how different playing styles can affect a marriage. A good read for those who are into gaming with a significant other who is not.

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