September 20, 2009

Questing's Readings - 20/9/09

This has been a great week of readings, generating a greater amount of good content than the usual week.

I would just like to give a small shoutout to what is going on between the Chatty DM and the Newbie DM who are starting a new series to examine questions about DMing from their respective point of views. The former being an experienced and well-loved DM with his own captivating style while the other is just starting to learn the ropes on sitting behind the screen.

I think this would be a very enlightening series which could give some interesting perspectives on different approaches to GMing. Keep it up, guys. I'll be anticipating for this series more often.

Other than that, we have more interviews with the designers from Wizards and a deconstruction (or should I say destruction) of the GNS theory which have seem to reemerge into the bloggersphere again.

CriticalAnkleBites and ChattyDM pretend to be journalists
The second part of the interview with Andy Collins which discusses about improving the old classes, erratas, how Wizards take in player feedback, house rules and Andy's gaming preferences.

Critical Hits
In Depth: 4E Assassin and Q&A with Mike Mearls
If you're not a DDI subscriber, you might not have seen the new Assassin class that they previewed at Wizards. This piece gives a great summary about the new class that uses the Shadow power source, followed by an interview with Mike Mearls on the design process and ideas of this class.

Game in the Brain
GMing Style learned with a bit of a Scientific Approach
A managerial approach to seeing the relationship between GM and player and the game from a project standpoint.

Gaming Brouhaha
Constructing a Game Table (part 1)
A step-by-step look into building your own game table.

Greywulf's Lair
Everything you need to know about Skill Challenges but were afraid to ask
10 things to know about skill challenges as a DM and a player.

Musings of the Chatty DM
This is Why I’m Not a Journalist: Andy /Collins Interview
The first part of the interview with Andy Collins on DMing and how 4E has changed the job of DMing.

Something Old, Something New: What Makes a Great GM?
Let's hear it from Chatty DM on what he thinks makes a great GM. As an experienced DM, his best advice is always strive to be better.

1d12 questions with James Wyatt
12 random questions with James Wyatt from DMing, skill challenges, DMG 2, Sigil to some interesting bit of information about Dark Sun.

Something Old, Something New: What Makes a Great GM?
The Newbie DM sharing his thoughts on what makes a great GM. They both share one similarity; communicaton.

Why Verisimilitude
Why is verisimilitude important and how it can actually contribute to your game for players and DMs.

Whitehall Paraindustries
Flaws of GNS- Part I: The Appeal
Flaws of GNS- Part II: Devil in the Details
Flaws of GNS- Part III: Plan Meets Need

A very critical examination that discredits GNS.

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ChattyDM said...

I don't think I was ever quoted/linked to as often in a post as this one.

Thanks! I really think that our 'something old/Something new 'series is a good idea.

Let's see what we do with it.