October 11, 2009

Questing's Readings - 11/10/09

It seems to be a pretty slow week and there hasn't been plenty of good advice posts so I've been picking up some interesting posts rather than those that contain any real advice. Also, it's already been more than a week and I have yet to see a single post for this month's blog carnival. I guess Morality is a really hard question to answer.

Bard of Valiant
Elements of a Good Treasure Map [Advice]
Some useful questions to ask yourself when creating a treasure map. Honestly, I haven't give it much thought so this is quite helpful.

Campaign Mastery
Ask the GMs: “Let’s Split Up.” – “Good Idea, we can do more damage that way!”
Comprehensive recommendations on how to handle party split ups of various length and frequency.

The Literary GM: Expanding your resources for a better game
A list of different types of books that will be useful for DMs to have around. It looks pretty daunting and an overkill for me but it is helpful if you are running a sandbox campaign.

Reading D&D 4E: Concerning Combat
A dissection of the combat system in 4E and how does a rules-light and mainly narrative-based GM sees this. I do agree that with his points mostly that the 4E combat system can be a hit-or-miss for some GMs despite the credits given to it.

Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
A Wizard Did It: Patching 3E to 4E Continuity
There has been some notable changes between 3.x and 4E. Here's a a list of narrative explanations that could justify the mechanic changes if you are transiting your 3E campaign to 4E.

Three Solitaire Role-Playing Games Using Regular Playing Cards
Some really interesting links to card-based solitaire RPGs. I haven't check them out yet but the idea that these kind of games exist is intriguing.

Update on Burnt Offerings: "We Be Goblins, Ye Be Food!"
A school in Portland, Oregon is doing a play based on the first Pathfinder module. This is just some little information about the school, the students and the roles that will be appearing on the play. I would really like to see the play.

Theo Dudek, Ultimate Game Master
Gamer Outing: Robin Williams
Some first hand accounts of Robin Williams's gaming activity.

The Spirits of Eden
Review: Jones DND Soda
Wyatt being a connoisseur and doing some soda tasting reviews on a range of D&D themed sodas. Want to know how Illithid Brain Juice taste like?

Uncle Bear
I Have a Home Ga,e Why Do I Need a Game Club?
Several reasons how networking can help build a gaming community. Although not everyone seems to agree with him but I would be taking this as a reference.


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