March 7, 2015

{Quest Log} A New Adventure Begins...

Again an unexpected silence has fell upon the blog and it is frustrating to know after so many attempts to get my blogging swing back, it hasn't been right. However, unlike my previous unplanned hiatuses, my gaming activity has not been completely down. In fact, I had managed to finish running The Lost Mine of Phandelver with my gaming mates from my schooling days through the power of the internet (i.e. Roll20).

I may or may not return to complete the [Let's Look At] series that I had left off since I believe almost everyone by now would have familiarize themselves with the Basic Rules, if not the Players Handbook.

While the experience I've gathered from there would be a tale to tell another day, I'm (re)starting this new series of blog posts to put me on track to a regular posting schedule. I'm calling this the {Quest Log}; a simply log of my gaming adventures in real life. While I know not everyone loves to read about blow-by-blow details of the gaming sessions of other players, I'm making this a reason to make sure this blog doesn't stay dead too often.

For the inaugural post of this new series, I'm glad to announce that after running 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons as a DM, I have finally been given a chance to play it as a player!

An old gaming friend of mine has opted to run a test-run session, having found some time to catch up with the latest edition, and I couldn't be more voluntary to sign up. While I would also love to continue growing and learning about the new rules, it is always quite a different experience to use the rules from the perspective across the screen.

The DM this time would be running a homebrew and has already given us a title for the adventure. His synopsis is as below:

It's the Age of Withering, and the world is dying. For hundreds of years, archmages in all the realms tried in vain to stop its slow death. When sustenance became scarce, the imminent doom drove everyone mad for their survival. Then one night the stars aligned and showed a young seer the answer: Exodus. Her followers constructed The Threshold - a colossal magical construct that maintains a portal to a young and lush new world.
Two generations later, in the twilight years of the Old World, the Great Exodus was almost complete. All have fled to the New world, but few chose to remain: those who protect The Threshold, those who refused to leave, and the Last Prince.

Already I'm liking the setup, though where all our characters would fit into this story (are we the last protectors? Or those making the Exodus?) hasn't been discussed and cleared yet, as of character generation.

Since our DM is stationed in a state away from us, we were called to game on Roll20 where we would convene for character generation. Character generation happened throughout the whole of last week and there was a total of 5 of us who turned up. Using the standard character generation rules from the Basic Rules, I created a Fighter. I hadn't put much thought of what kind of character I wanted to play before the gen session, but I was easily inspired and guided by the Backgrounds and Personality chapter to find the niche that I wanted to fill.

So I introduce to you: Mecurius Voltan

Fighter 1 (Background: Soldier, Specialty: Officer)

STR: 17 (+3)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 12 (+1)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 14 (+2)

Hitpoints: 13
AC: 16 (Chain Mail)

Melee Weapons:
Pike (+5 to Hit, 1d10+3 Piercing Damage), Long Sword (+5 to Hit, 1d8+3 Slashing Damage)

Ranged Weapons:
Light Crossbow (+4 to Hit, 1d8 Piercing Damage)

Skills Proficiency:

  • Animal Handling (from Soldier Background)
  • Athletics (from Soldier Background)
  • Intimidation (from Class)
  • Perception (from Class)

Tools Proficiency:

  • Vehicle, Land (from Soldier Background)
  • Gaming Set (Dice) (from Soldier Background)
Our first gaming session could happen in about a week from now. I hope I will be able to post about it when it finally happens. 

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