October 15, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #11: Launch

Digital Insider #11: Launch

Well unsurprisingly since the launch of DDI subscription yesterday, this week's Digital Insider is answering some major questions about how the new things work.

So here's some major questions that will apply to some of us.

Why can’t I use PayPal?

Our biggest priority with Digital River right now is to get PayPal turned on. I do not yet have a timeline for this, but Digital River does in fact take PayPal so I’m optimistic that we can solve this sooner rather than later. For now, you can use a reasonably wide variety of credit cards and currencies, and one of the reasons we chose Digital River is that they have the ability to add more payment options over time.

Can I turn off auto-renew?

Yes. There is a ton of useful information about the D&DI store here. Our Customer Service Knowledge Base is actually pretty good and speaks directly to this question, among others.

Will the web-only subscription package remain an option after the full package becomes available?

We haven’t decided the details of future pricing and packages yet. The one guarantee that we’re making at this stage is that we will honor the full term you sign up for now. If you buy 12 months of web content at $4.95 per month then you will get 12 months of web content at $4.95 per month, no matter what we decide to do with our pricing in the future.

How will the compilations work if you sign up mid-month?

As a subscriber you will always get one pair of issue compilations. If you sign up in mid-November then you’ll get the end-of-November compilations and you’ll get to see the early December articles, but if you cancel at the end of your one month then you would not get the end-of-December compilations. Note, however, that you will get to see all of the November articles including the ones that were initially unveiled before you became a subscriber.


Noumenon said...

Why is your home page only one post? Usually a blog lets you read back a week or two on the front page.

You need to make it so that clicking on your blog's title up top takes you to your front page.

Questing GM said...

Welcome to the blog, noumenon!

Initially I only put one post on the front page was because I had only one post to be featured whenever someone visited my blog and if they wanted to read my older entries, they could use the archive.

But since you asked, I've changed the front page to feature the first 3 of my regular posts(I'll admit that I've been lacking in the in the content department for the past weeks).

Hope you enjoyed the blog!